Midnight Charcoal

$ 95.00 USD

This is a one-time purchase that gets you Lifetime Perks. You keep this pouch forever as part of your membership. Lifetime pouches are sold once a season at limited quantity. If sold out, please sign up for the waitlist.

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trees cut down every year to produce wooden tees

Save Trees with Lifetime Tees.

At Terra Golf, we believe the future of the sport is a green one. We are confident that sustainability starts at the source - each and every product we create. That's why our products are meticulously designed to last a lifetime, and hopefully longer.
Our tees are made with a composite blend of recycled plastic that enhances performance and longevity.
We don't design our plastic tees to break. We don't force you to keep buying tees from us. We don't cut down trees to make our tees.