We create high quality golf products that are better for the Earth. We live in pursuit of the perfect hole, and recognize that it doesn't exist unless we take care of the land around it.

Aadhi, a cofounder of Terra Golf, at the course admiring its natural beauty.

How we preserve and protect

We start with plastic waste...

All plastic manufacturing processes produce excess scrap. We take this postindustrial plastic waste, regrind it into pellets, and use it to create the Terra Tee - a recycled golf tee made of a composite blend of virgin and recycled plastic that increases density, crystallinity, and impact strength.

Why not wooden tees?
A gif showing the recycling process of how our recycled golf tees are made
Aadhi and Collin, cofounders at Terra Golf, in the lab designing with textiles sourced from waste streams from partners.

source and upcycle deadstock fabrics...

We identify textile waste streams and strategically partner with businesses that align with our values. This allows us to maintain material integrity and quality in our products, while using fabrics that would otherwise be wasted in landfills.

Become a partner

and assemble in Austin, TX.

Our products are assembled in Austin, TX, where we work closely with local and ethical studios.

who we work with
Collin, a cofounder of Terra Golf, in front of one of our studio partners where some of our textile products are manufactured.

Our Team

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